Sunday, July 17, 2011

Secrist's terrible customer service~Banned a customer!

While I was away over the weekend, I received an email from one of my reborn friends and past students. Seems that she demands a higher standard in her doll supplies than what Secrist will offer so they have asked her not to order anymore! Is that not just unbelievable??

Here is the story in her words as posted on the forums I belong to:

Outraged! Secrist just banned me from ordering!

Postby karenwhitmore » Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:40 pm

"I have been selling the Apple Valley line of dolls on my website for 3 years. I make twin dolls for kids with them. Well, since February of this year, I've sent back 3 partial orders..... 2 because when I received the heads the eyelashes had melted and glue was all over the eyeballs so I had them replace the heads and asked them to send the lashes on the side and I'd glue them myself (less work for them anyway). Now they just sent me the wrong size bodies with my kits and I called them to replace them. They just called me back and said that I would receive my new bodies in the next couple of days and asked that I no longer order from their company since I've had 3 returns since February!!!! To boot,as I was placing an order yesterday, I could not get into my account so it took 3 different calls to them to get my account straightened out (again, not my fault) so I guess they are tired of hearing from me for THEIR mistakes!!!??? Can you believe that? She said that since I seem to have standards that they can't meet not to order anymore. Read that again... 'since my standards are too high' that was her exact words! Uh, hello??? I said "you mean noone else cares or asks for replacements when you send the wrong body size?" She said noone else seems to have the standards that I expect. All I want is the dolls to be sent to me not falling apart with the right sized components! Who the hell orders from them and doesn't?

I asked again "you mean you're telling me that since you guys have sent me 3 messed up orders that I am no longer allowed to order from you?" She said yes. This is the decision her management has made. I asked to speak to her manager and she wouldn't let me. I am selling THEIR product and they ask me not to order anymore? I am flabbergasted! I can't believe it. THEIR mistakes but my standards are too high? What kindof shabby crap are they running? Pat Secrist will never get another penny from me... not even through another distributor. Funny... right before she called I was just thinking to myself that I don't need to mess with these dolls anymore. They take away too much time from my reborns anyway and everytime I get an order something is messed up. I'll take this as a sign from God."

Wow...and I thought I have heard it all.

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