Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~Antique baby doll

Isn't she just darling???

This is an early 1900's antique bisque baby doll gifted to me by one of my wonderful customer's-turned-friends. She is truly a treasure to behold and I am in love!

She is fully jointed and about 12 inches long...and chubby!

I love the wool cap she came with but she really steals my heart when her hat is removed!

She brought home her own little Ashton Drake dolly (which I love too!).

She certainly shows her age on her hands and feet but other than that, she is in mint condition.
She does not have a date on her but her previous mommy thought she was nearing 100 yrs old. This is such an honor to have her!

For now, she is seated on the little couch on the dresser but I'd like to find her an antique doll highchair or seat to sit in. I'd also like to dress her in a silky, antique romper that shows off her cute legs.

I'm debating on her name yet. I'll decide after I name her big sister that also came home with her! She's a standing girl doll and just gorgeous!!! I'll take pics of her as soon as I can but I'll be out of town for the next couple of Fridays so won't be able to share my collection at that time. It's the busiest time of my summer right now with many events and irons in the fire.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. She is precious Debbie .. Congratulations!

    I bet your new baby is so happy in her new nursery of special friends.

    Wish I were there to play with them all ... hugs,

  2. i have a doll that my great gramdma has had and she said her mother gave it to her and she gave it to my grandma who gave it to my mom who gave it to me it dont have any date or markings as to when it was made i have posted on ebay under ledemakelley2002 i would really aperciate it if you can help me find out what kind of doll he is and round about his value

  3. Hi Anonymous from March 17th. I attempted to look up the ID on eBay but eBay tells me there is no such ID. Could you have it written wrong. I will help if I can but I know very little about antique dolls and even less about their value.