Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Out of my "perfect hair" element~Comments?

I let you see all the pictures before I wrote anything so that you can form a judgement/critique on his hair. I'm out of my element and want to find out what other people think of DO tell...what do you think? (He does not have his lashes and gloss yet so he is still a WIP).

I'll be heading out on a camping adventure tomorrow morning for 3 days so I'll check the blog when I get back home and back to "work".

Have a great weekending and weekend!



  1. I love it :) Looks just like a real baby. Is that alpaca fiber? It's so fine and straight, look like it. Another great job.. baby boy coming along wonderfully ;)

  2. I really like the last three pics of him and his hair. So cute

  3. I keep looking at these pictures, Debbie, trying to have some helpful words... Hmm. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but yes, something is "missing". Perhaps some fuzz around his temples, your Jayden Scholl? Also, (and this is my biased, colorful baby-loving opinion), I think he would look great with a little more blushing and detail on his face. I know he is Asian, so you want to have that creamy yellow skintone, which I think you've definitely accomplished. But perhaps a bit more color on his cheeks, etc? Not sure, but just an idea. :)
    Either way, he is just darling!! You definitely picked the right hair color and style (straight!). :)

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments. Nina, I posted a topic just for you...go see! :)
    I'm going to go with it and list him with his hair as is. I look at him and just don't feel secure rooting anymore and when I have that feeling, it's best to leave well enough alone. In all the area's that I posted, the majority love his hair just like it is so I'll give it a go and make changes later if he does not find his mommy....and you can laugh at me then~LOL I just hope I don't ruin his Japanese appeal!

    Sabriam, this is my kid angora hair. I used 4 different colors, 4 different clippings from 4 different goats, 2 different needles rooted in 4 different ways depending on the look I wanted.

    Hugs! XXOO