Monday, June 20, 2011

MID year BLOG FOLLOWERS check in!!

Are all you followers still following?!?!?!?

Do you remember why you should be following?


It is officially more than half way through 2011 (How DID that HAPPEN?!?!)
and I need to hear a shout out from my followers to know that you are still eligible for the drawing!

Through the next two weeks, shout out to me by leaving a comment so I can tally up the followers. I won't post your comments on the blog.

Now, here is the catch. You cannot comment as "Anonymous", you MUST use your ID name so that I can make sure you are on the drawing list.

Alright 80 followers...I need to hear from you!

Any questions??



  1. Debbie,

    I can't wait to see Sophia Madelina PT done by you. I saw the unpainted PT's on DF and your are right, she is so chubby. I love her legs! Please post the pictures as you go, I love seeing your WIP's!! =0)


  2. me too Debbie ... can't wait to get my Sophia, but I want to see your WIP Sophia. Best Wishes .. keep up the great work.
    Hugssss ... Diana