Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, I forgot!

Did you miss me??

I was out of town on Sunday so didn't post and at nearly 1 pm on Monday I realized that I did not post on the blog today!

On my return home from being gone, I picked up our 8 1/2 yr old grand daughter so the first few days are difficult for me as I throw a real child into the mix.

She will be here for 3 weeks~the longest she's stayed with us at one time. We have lot's of adventures to enjoy so I won't be blogging as often but will try to at least a few times a week.

A wonderful customer-turned-friend of mine, whom I spent the night with the other night, blessed me with my first Antique dolls! One is a 1919 beauty! I'll share them as soon as I can.

I'll be setting up the gallery window on Wednesday with a 4th of July theme and I'm working on Sophia prototype so this week will be mega busy.

Check in...I'll do my best to post!

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