Friday, June 17, 2011

Collection Friday~Sharing an interesting article

I came across and interesting article on Monarch Collectibles blog post.
It is called "why doesn't mine look like that?" and speaks of why sometimes we order manufactured dolls that arrive not looking like the promo pictures do.

It did not take me long to realize that many manufacturer's photograph the OOAK sculpt when advertising an upcoming doll. I never understood why my Ashton Drake Emily didn't look exactly like the pictures did. (She is still a wonderful manufactured doll~if you can get beyond her icky glued on hair!).

It was not until I purchased Janae, sculpted by Laura Tuzio Ross and manufactured by Masterpiece doll that I learned, from Laura herself that the company used pictures of the OOAK to promote the doll.
Here is a promo picture of Janae:

Do you notice the wispy little hairs in her bangs? I was so looking forward to that hair style but when Janae arrived, she did not have those wisps at all. In this picture I tried to pull some of her wig down to create them but it still was not the same effect. Her sculpt is delightful though and I am very happy with her.
I took Janae to IDEX in 2007 to have Laura Tuzio Ross sign her. It was there that Laura told me what had happened in the promo of Janae, and she even offered to paint little bangs on Janae if we could round up some paints as she had none. Well, I had already decided that someday I will root hair on Janae anyway so I didn't even look for paint but it was such a nice gesture on Laura's part.

I've not had time to do that rooting yet however, I have selected and colored hair for her...about 3 years ago!

I am sure I have some pictures of Janae in her original outfit but I sure can't find them. I'll note that her outfit and presentation were awesome~just like the promo photo's show.

Read the article above and take the advice they offer there. If you can, watch the forums and wait until other collectors have purchased the doll you are interested in. Many who belong to forums will post pictures of the actual doll.

Going to live shows where the manufactures will have the dolls on display are beneficial as well. And of course, visiting wonderful doll shops like Monarch Collectibles is a real asset to the doll collector. I had the opportunity to visit this shop in May of 2009, but my show schedule would not allow me to go. NEXT time I am in San Antonio I'll be sure to visit.

Dolly hugs~

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