Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IRDA Conference Report with pictures~My class

Here I am...back home again! You cannot imagine how tired I am! But after a longer nights rest than I've had in more than a week, I feel that I can post at least the report on my IRDA painting class.

I had a total of 5 students in my class. Some of them took just Day 1 of the class so that they could enjoy a different class on Saturday. One of my students flights got changed so she came in later the first morning. Due to mixed up flights and other things that I added to the class (such as opening nostrils) I felt that we were running behind on the painting so I offered to come in early on Saturday and spend 2 more hours with all the students before Day 1 students went onto their next classes. I am glad we did and felt satisfied with how things progressed.

These first few pictures were taken randomly. I had asked any IRDA members that if they came into the class to evaluate to please snap some shots. :)

Teaching the proper way to mix up LDC paints:

This is Teri.

She did such a beautiful job on her precious little sculpt by Stephanie Sullivan. Her goal was to gain the same tone as I had on the doll in the color guide that we used for the class:

She gets an A+!!! Everyone loved Teri's baby; not only for the sweet sculpted face but also for how she colored him. Yes, we all agreed it would be a boy :)

This is Diana hard at work:

I decided to use the Stephanie Sullivan "Quads" for this class and had such positive feedback on the sculpts and the vinyl that I have arranged with Stephanie to use her Quads in all my classes until she decides to no longer produce them in vinyl.

We were a bit rushed at the closing of the day 2 class that I asked the two 2-Day students to bring their little heads to the IRDA baby shower so that we could take ending photos. Here are myself and Teri with our painted heads:

Of course you understand that the lighting in these conference rooms are not that great but I can vouch that Teri's head and mine are both beautiful! (Mine is on the L, Teri's is on the R)

Diana, myself and Teri:

This is Sarah. She was a Day 1 only student but she snuck into our class on day 2 whenever she could.

Sarah's little WIP:

I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 students and the little Quad sculpts. We laughed, shared tips and ideas and I had door prize drawings with some wonderful gifts to be enjoyed by the winners. I thank everyone for making this class happen, from the president of IRDA and IRDA organizers, the hotel staff (who were amazing! I love Embassy Suites staff!) all they way down to my students.

I have left my heart in San Fransisco!


OHhhhhh PS....TWO new prototypes will be on the way this week! Dee Stastny's "Sweet and Sassy" and Bonnie Browns "Sophie Magdaline"! I'm very excited! I'll be putting Zasha's auction up on Thursday morning (tomorrow). He was a HUGE hit at the IRDA conference and through all my travels.

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