Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blue Face Monkey "reborn"

I had the joy of rooming with the most spectacular reborn monkey while at the IRDA conference.

I only wish I would have had better lighting and my SLR camera to snap shots of this reborn wonder. His face was much more vivid blue then seen here but you can see the many, many colors in his fur:

Here is an image of a real blue faced monkey:

"Gin's" artist, Diana Mosquera, did an amazing job on this little Bountiful Baby kit. The light tufts above and behind his ears are spot on and very realistic.
And his eyes...oh my they are so real and gaze at you with endearment.

The palms of his hands and soles of his feet were built up with many layers of texture and when touched felt just like the leathery skin of a real animal. Incredible!

It was my joy to "live" with little Gin for the week. Thank you Diana, my sweet friend, for bringing him along!



  1. oh would love to have a tutorial on how to do this awsome!

    1. I wish I could help with that but since I did not create this little guy and I have NO experience in it, I am useless.
      Do a Google search and see if you can find any tutorials on the subject :)