Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Am I busy or what?!?!?

Hey those of you that checked in with a shout out~thank you! I've got you down. I'll be asking for another shout out at the end of the year :)

~click here~ if you missed the Blog Drawing mid-year shout out.

Me oh my...am I ever busy this week!

I've got new Mohair Listed for your shopping pleasure~you really MUST go see! I've fixed all the listings...I found a LOT of errors AND I've changed all shipping, US and Worldwide to first class shipping with delivery confirmation to save my valuable customers money in this pressed economy. Happy shopping!

In the evenings, I have begun rooting the custom Angelica and she's going to be so lovely!

Bonnie Brown's "Sophia Madelina" prototype arrived yesterday! Wow you should see the fat limbs and wrinkles on this baby! I am going to love working on her/him (still have not decided which mine will be). The other prototype artists are Cassie Peek and Stacey Haskins. We are going to have too much fun with Sophia! Sophia is a limited edition of 350 kits.

~Pre-Order Sophia Madelina Here~

Sophia is prepped and ready for paint but I'm going to set her aside a few days while I allow my mind to envision her/him. In the meantime, I'll be painting a custom Simple Treasures baby. SOMEDAY I will get his custom order list done.

I've worked on my website some this week, adding show information and adding more slide shows to the reborn gallery. I still have so much work there to do!

The other night and early yesterday morning I walked but this morning I did early morning house cleaning aerobics! I need to hire a new house cleaner but I was too sick upon returning home from California and now I am just too distracted to go through the process. The early morning "aerobics" were good for me though!

~Zasha is still looking for his forever mommy on eBay~

As you can tell, I am feeling back to normal and ready to tackle the world!

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