Monday, June 13, 2011

IRDA baby shower~lots of pics

A great time was had by all at the IRDA baby shower held on June 5th 2011 in Walnut Creek, California.

And look...a real baby even made his appearance!

Of course we had to play around...which is the real baby and which is not?? LOL

My sweet little Annie (Phyllis) Marx had a lovely time all dressed up and ready to "party":

And Matthew finally got to meet his adoring Auntie Teri! Auntie Teri is Matthew's biggest fan.

Zasha got lots of cuddles (I think this picture is precious!)

It was a thrill to meet Lara Antonucci:

And as usual, I had a lap full of babies!

Stephanie Sullivan is president of IRDA:

And these four ladies made it all happen:
Diana Mosquero, Steph ?, Cher ? and Stephanie Sullivan.
Thanks ladies!!
The room was fully decorated and prizes were won by all:

Sarah Chunn with my baby Dimples/Sammie who Sarah loves to bits:

Cher brought these poorly babies and we all had a great laugh over them:

Rhonda made it and we were all so happy that she did! She's been a Doll fan Friend for years who has become ill so our meetings with her has been limited. It was our great joy to have her here!

Yah, he's all that:

I brought plenty of dolls to share for those who did not bring a baby. Abi was being loved on my Auntie Carmen:

The babies were supposed to look at the camera but they seems smitten by each other. Hmmm...wonder what Tamara back home will think about THIS picture???

Lara and Ms. Cholong from Ruby Red Galleria:

I finally got to meet the administrator/owner of one of my guilds (WMRBG)~Gia!

Auntie Sandy McGee soothing Dimples:

Teri is just so photogenic I could not stop taking pictures of her! Miss Myeko is pretty photogenic too. (I hope I spelled that right!)

Auntie Sally Sangder fell in love with Annie!

Sarah and I. We are members of the same forums.

Stephanie Sullivan and Rebecca Martinez who was our on site photographer for the whole weekend. She did an awesome job taking portrait pictures of all of us with our babies the whole weekend. Thanks for all you do for us Rebecca!

Tomorrow I will share about the IRDA Reborn Baby Contest.

Hugs for the day!

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