Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello from California!

Hi everyone!
I am here in lovely Walnut Creek, California~just about an hour from San Fransisco.

This is the view from my hotel window to the outside...

And this is my view from the INSIDE of the hotel just outside my room door! Isn't that beautiful? There are koi fish in that water!

My flight to San Fransisco was delayed more than an hour. I was SO excited to have my first ever direct flight, thinking I would arrive here in the late afternoon, but the delays put me here around 7:30 pm. Sigh.

While placing all of my things in the trays at security at the airport, I looked down to unlatch the baby carrier that I had Matthew in and saw his leg on the floor! LOL I really cracked up over that but unfortunately, no one else really saw it. It's okay, I took him to the bathroom afterwards and did a little surgery. I just did not have the zip tie tight enough.

In my hotel room, I unpacked. The babies were happy to get out:

The close ups are:

Baby Abi. Hehehehe, the flash fired on the camera and she always looks like "deer in the headlights" when the flash fires!

Matthew does too but maybe it's the trauma of loosing his leg~LOL
Sheriff Luke who probably won't go to Alcatraz after all. I did not take into consideration how to get TO Alcatraz and how long the day was. I carried a baby to the mall with me yesterday and my shoulders just can't do it another full day. More on today's plans later.


Tiny Jacob who my friend made. He will go to the class with me~

Another shot of Zasha as I just think he is so precious. I am falling for this one pretty bad!

So yesterday, instead of touring San Fransisco, we ended up at the mall...all day! My roommates glasses broke when she first put them on in the morning. We located a LensCrafter's in a nearby mall and by the time she had an exam, we did a little shopping, had a leisurely lunch and walked to the grocery store, the day was used up. Oh and it took an hour for the shuttle to arrive to pick us up.

So today we are going into San Fransisco to walk the piers and Chinatown. I don't know if I will actually be able to tour Alcatraz but I'll be able to see it from the shore.

The conference begins tomorrow morning and I am excited!

Take care everyone~I'll be back as soon as I can.

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