Friday, June 24, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~Conversations in the nursery

"Luke....have you gotten into trouble lately?!?!?!"

"Giggle...hey Jasmine, I wuv you a wot but you got your ebow in my mouf!"

"I hab my own dowwy and hers wooks wike me."

"Why do I aways git tha wild ones?"
"Hey Debbie, it shur is nice and uncwrowded down here on da fwoor, huh?"


I hab dis whole crib to mysewf!"

"Daniel, do you EBBER smile?"

Ahhh, I had so much fun yesterday re-arranging the nursery and tuning in on some conversations.
I have the privilege of displaying my babies in the front window of the Gallery on Main Street for July and August, so I have removed my cherry sleigh crib and new matching changing table (did I share that purchase with you all?) to use in the new display so I did some changing and re-arranging.

The small crib is a new purchase too. It is a little antique crib that "matches" the full size crib seen here. I have another one of the full size cribs very similar to this onne in storage in the garage. I just love old baby furniture.

I love my nursery and my babies :)

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