Friday, March 18, 2011

Sharing my Collection Friday~New clothes!

Did I ever mention how much I love shopping for baby clothes?
I also love putting outfits together. At the Doll Fan Baby Shower at IDEX, I received the pink kitten top and dot legging set by Gymboree. (I also love Gymboree!)
Upon my return home, I found the matching socks and hat for a really low price on the Gymboree website so ordered those.
The other day, while in Portland, we just happened to be at the mall where there just happened to be a Gymboree store. I popped inside and found the matching bib....on sale! So of course I had to have it.

Sammie (Dimples) loves it. It is so soft that she even holds it to feel it in her sleep!

And while I was in the bargain section, I found this darling long-sleeve onsie...on sale...for Lauren. It's not often that I find preemie sized clothing on sale so I was thrilled.
We also popped in over to REI where I could not resist these wonderful sock. They were not on sale.

I'm not sure if she's earned the status of Daddy's sweetie just yet, but she sure is Mommy's sweetie!

Alexis did not get new clothes. In fact, she's not yet awoke from her Christmas slumber...I'm going to have to fix that!

Sweet, sweet babies.
Have a great Friday and Saturday. I'll be see you on Sunday~

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