Sunday, March 6, 2011

I have the BEST students! Box Opening!

Yesterday I received a box in the mail...just a little box....

And in the box was a lovely letter from a student and....JACOB!

This 12 inch sweetie was created by a student of mine as her first solo reborn.

This student took a one-on-one class from me in 2008. She was terrified to start on her first solo baby so it took her some time to begin and then to finish but when she did finish~WOW! The skin tone on this baby is beautiful with gorgeous under-the-skin veins and details. I am so impressed! He is cute as can be from head to toe and....MINE! What a HIGH honor for me and a thrill too! I love him!

Heather, the reborn artist of little Jacob (sculpt by Jessica Schenk) ordered a custom made outfit from Janie of Fairytale Reborn Babies and Nightngale Custom Clothing. The darling little outfit is gorgeous with perfect craftsmanship. Jacob looks so handsome with the tiny bow tie to finish off the set. (You can see the bow tie best in the second picture)

Of course I HAD to try some other things on him as well and dress him just a little bit warmer for now. He'll put his cute suit-set back on when the weather warms.

Isn't he JUST Darling??? I have the BEST students!

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  1. He is delightful, wow! What a talented student there, and a talented teacher you must be! He looks beautiful also in that little yellow and blue set too! X