Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cindy Kohlscheen/RDK Awareness report on TV!

I am SO proud of the ladies who took action to put the spotlight on Cindy Kohlscheen and RDK by catching the attention of an Omaha TV News Station.

This video takes moments to load and starts with a commercial but it is well worth the watch:

~TV News~

This was an amazing quote by Cindy Kohlscheen regarding the action she has NOT taken with the Better Business Bureau:
"I told the Better Business Bureau that I was not going to give them the time of the day to answer those complaints, just because it takes more time away from what I really need to be doing," Kohlscheen explains.
Her ignorance to the complaints have given her a failed report with the BBB

On the RDK site are angry messages from both Cindy and customers. None of which handled themselves properly and in a business manner. I am a bit appalled by the messages from reborners~my goodness, I know they are upset but the use of language and horrible stabs are inappropriate. But then again, we don't REALLY know if those are the true and accurate messages sent to RDK of if they have been altered.

I went to the SIRK site just to see what was going on on that site as I've noticed some frustrated remarks on "Emma Castle's" facebook page. I found this message to be interesting and confusing:


Hi everyone! Today, I've been asked to tell you some exciting news! The second baby is in production right now, and all I can tell you is that it is AWESOME and something that has NOT been done before. Yes, it is human! lol......this baby will be a little more because of it's size, but not compared to the going rates....I

I've been told that if you have purchased Faith, you will be able to receive an even further DISCOUNTED price from what it will be offered for on the website.

Faith must be purchased before this kit is offered. The Simply Irresistible kit prices will continue to be just that.....we hope you are able to take advantage of receiving these adorable kits while they last and they are able to help you in your reborning business. Contest information coming soon! Best Regards, Emma

That message was on the News and Info page.

So can one just purchase the next kit or do you have to buy Faith first?? Remember about 2 yrs ago Cindy started up the Reborner's Emporium~an exclusive "club" where you had to agree to buy every kit produced in order to continue to get the next kit~however, you never knew what the kits were going to be and who created the sculpts. This seems a vivid contrast to what is going on now at SIRK. And of course we "never knew" who owned the Reborner's Emporium as it was never advertised on the site who owned it...but really, we knew. The handwriting was jut too clear.

In the news report, we are urged to contact the BBB and file a claim if we have been stung by RDK. I encourage anyone who has a claim to do this, even if it was years ago. Once again, I do not have a claim against RDK or SIRK. I received my orders from RDK and have never ordered from SIRK.

Alright...that's it for today! Back to making babies!

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