Monday, March 21, 2011

Dimples kits are finally in stock!

Remember Dimples Prototype???
It seems like I reborned her ages ago. Everyone has been waiting and waiting for the kits to come in and finally, they have arrived! You can order them directly from Melissa Palesse at
~Divine Treasures Nursery~

There were only two prototypes of the Dimples kit. Emma Cousins of Emma Rose Artistry reborned the second prototype and has her listed on Ebay now. Great job Emma! She is so soft and sweet! (Did you all see those eyebrows?? WOW!)

As most of you know, I ended up keeping my Dimples prototype after she did not meet reserve on eBay. I call her Sammie. I LOVE this sculpt and my reborn of her. She is so spoiled!

Florida was SO nice...Sammie (Dimples) can't wait until warmer weather back here in the west. She wants to show off her darling limbs and that sweet head of hair. Currently, on March 21, 2011, it is snowing...with accumulation. Brr.

Back to Emma Cousins. At IDEX, she shared and advertised for the new doll art magazine that she is producing in the UK. Doll Artistry Magazine is due out in April. I am very excited!

In other news....

The reborn Berenguer (Daisy) is finally complete! I will be taking the day off tomorrow to deliver her to the city a couple of hours away. I can hardly wait! To fill my day today, I will take her photos and while I do that, I am going to record a video regarding setting up a studio for pictures and photographing a reborn doll! This will be my first video so I am pretty excited. Please think of me as I learn the technological end of downloading the video and posting it..somewhere! (This may not happen right away as I have a lot going on right now but at least I'll have the filming done.)

I am also starting paint on the Hillary Prototype by Cathy Rowland.

Until Wednesday, Happy dolly collecting and reborning!


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