Thursday, March 24, 2011


Wow the prototypes are rolling in now!
Hillary by Cathy Rowland was 2 weeks ahead of time so she is already a work in progress. I should finish her paint today. Here she is as of last night:
I will do a full post with picture of her progress in a few days. I like people to see just what a reborn looks like after one day of painting, then two, then three and then four or more. I've been taking pictures of her each day.
Hillary is available for Pre-Order now.

Next week, Sweet Zasha by Claire Taylor will arrive to Claire and then be forwarded onto me.
Zasha will be available for Pre-Order as soon as Claire approves the prototypes:

Sweet and Sassy by Dee Stastny will arrive at just about the same time as Zasha or shortly thereafter. I am SO excited about her! She is available for Pre-Order now.

Then at about the same time that those two will arrive, so will Suzon by Laura Tuzio Ross!
Look at all those teeth!!! She is going to be so much fun and is available for Pre-Order now.

I should have a little break then before any of the next four arrive.

One is a baby that is yet to be sculpted by Laura Lee Eagles of Peapod's Nursery. This will be her first vinyl kit so we are both really excited. I met Laura at IDEX 2011 and her babies are stunning!

Azlin by Nikki Britt.
Azlin will first be produced into a small silicone edition and then be produced into limited edition vinyl kits. She is just precious! Pre-Orders are not available at this time.

Little Lauren by Jorja Pigott of Pigott's Playpen is getting different limbs than you see here as these limbs were produced on the Silicone version of Lauren, and Jorja wanted to have different limbs for the vinyl kit. The vinyl kits will come later. Pre-Orders are not available at this time. This picture of the OOAK sculpt.
And THIS picture is of my personal Lauren in Silicone. I loved the OOAK so much when I saw her at EXPO in 2010 that I just HAD to have her in silicone. I am thrilled to be able to reborn a vinyl prototype of her.

And last but not least is darling little Huggy Bear by Dianna Effner. Poor little guy. His production has been a nightmare for Dianna. She called yesterday and updated me that she had to make new limbs for him in wax so it is going to be a while yet. IF his kit is produced sometime during the nice weather, maybe than I can go to her studio and fulfill our plan of me teaching her to reborn while her staff video tapes the teaching so that I can produce a DVD.

So with so many coming all at once, I have decided that I won't try to have a show table at the IRDA Conference in June. I simply won't have the time to get babies ready. I'll be there for the class though and can't wait!

Hmmmm....tomorrow is Friday. Whom shall I share??


  1. i was just wondering are your reborns soft silicone like i can give them a bath and what is prices?

  2. Hello Anonymous,
    No, my reborns are made of vinyl. I am not working with silicone dolls at this time although I might in the future.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!