Friday, March 11, 2011

Sharing my Collection Friday~Cowkids!

Matthew and Tamara heard that two of their "Aunties" sent them new clothes.'s time to get them out of their full cowkids gear.

Awe, there they are! Matthew received a 4 piece Vitamins set from his Auntie in Arizona and Tamara received a two piece Baby Gap outfit from her Auntie in Oregon.
My babies have the BEST Aunties!

"What's the problem Matthew?"

"Towboys doesn't ware bibs!" he says.

"Well honey, you need to wear your bib so that you don't get chuckwagon grub on your clothes."

"Oh, otay Mommy. Tank you Auntie for my new set!" he finally agrees.

I think I'll leave them on the floor to play with their horses for a while.

Hugs and love to you all, to all the people in Japan (Earthquake) and protection to all of those on the coasts of the world as the tsunami comes in.

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