Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daisy meets Mommy~and is not appreciated much.

At least not much by that little fella!
(Gotcha didn't I??? After all, how could anyone NOT love Daisy???)

He just did not understand how something could divert his "mommy's" affection from him! He looked completely betrayed~poor puppy!
This is not a great shot...I should have not used the flash but none-the-less, Mommy loves her new baby and cannot believe it is the same Berenguer doll she gave me to reborn.

She said that she is perfect, just perfect.

And I am one happy lady too.

***********NURSERY NOTES************

Been having a great time with my grand daughter around. She has been helping me change the babies from their Christmas clothes (Can you believe that??? Poor kids are still ready for Santa!) in preparation for writing an exclusive picture story for Discover Dolls. This will be something I will do from time to time and the only way to get these exclusive stories is to purchase the magazine. Although Discover Dolls runs late most of the time, it is a wonderful doll magazine. In fact, I am a feature artist in issue #27 which is off to the printer right now.

I am still rooting and rooting and rooting Prototype Hillary. I would love to have her done by bedtime Friday night but I'm not too sure I can meet that goal. When I have her finished, I will show her day-by-day paint progress all in one post. I am always still so amazed at the process and progress!

Painting is coming along great on the custom order MacKenzie by Annie Kiely. I should be able to finish her paint today.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. Oh my, and of course I believed the first line!! I was ready to send you a zillion hugs, which I will anyway!! I am glad she liked her baby. I am also glad to know I am not the only computer not haver (well I do now!) in the dolly world.
    A zillion hugs. Becks