Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Custom order Berenguer Angel Face WIP

You just have to love those classic Berenguers~especially the Angel Face...at least AFTER you match the color of the head to the replaced limbs!

My customer desired this baby to have fair skin and auburn hair. The head is a Berenguer LaBaby "Angel Face" and the limbs are from a Berenguer Special Edition doll from 2006 (I believe). The color of the head was a light peachy color and the limbs a much darker peachy/orange color. The first set of limbs I tried to match were a horrible opaque orange and they ended up in the trash! These ones were much better.

I didn't realize that the pictures we so out of focus until I later looked at them but you'll get to see her after she has her hair and final details. Her paint is finished :)

Have a great Tuesday!

I'm back! For the last two days, there has been added text to the second picture in my posts! Yes, the babies ARE exciting but why those words are there is beyond me! I do not see the words here in my admin mode. How strange is that???

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