Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre-orders are open for Sweet & Sassy

This is such exciting news for those of you who LOVE toothy, smiling babies!
(forgive the poor colored picture~I took it at IDEX and anyone who has been to IDEX at the Rosen knows that the lighting is TERRIBLE there! This is a picture of the OOAK and she beyond adorable!)

Sweet & Sassy, by Dee Stastny, is available for pre-order now at
Dimples and DewDrops

I have the honor and pleasure of reborning one of her prototypes~I'm so excited for this little cutie!

I began rooting the custom Arianna last night and am very pleased with the results so far. You know, so many people hate rooting this big head. This is the 4th Arianna that I've rooted and I just don't dread this head. It roots so nice and "easy". To me it is a pleasure.

Today I will begin painting another custom order baby. This is an old Berenguer LaBaby doll that will have full limbs instead of the 1/4 limbs the doll came with. The color of the head is different than the color of the limbs. Oh boy! A challenge!

Have a great day!

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