Saturday, February 26, 2011

Box opening~Bunny story!

Oh boy! The mail lady brought me the best little treasure yesterday! Please open the box with me!

How exciting.....A box from Jorja Pigott!

Oh's a pink bundle!

And inside is a little BUNNY!

Oh how cute! Hmmm....wonder what the other babies will think of having another bunny in the nursery. After all, there HAVE been bunny incidents around here.

Sweet pickles seems pretty excited about the thought:

And is tickled pink to be the first to hold her:

Carrie Lynn is a bit intrigued too:

But Giovanni is NOT so sure!

Sweet pickles and Carrie Lynn tell him it really is okay:

Remember way back when Carrie Lynn joined the family? She was wearing a sleeper with a bunny on it and he was quite frightened just by the bunny on her sleeper!!

But she assured him with a kiss that she wouldn't hurt him:

This little new one is pretty persistent to get in his good graces!

And sure enough...she succeeds and the group welcomes her into the nursery!

Giovanni is so smitten with his new little sissy that he thinks he will keep her to himself!

Please join these three in welcoming Silicone Lauren to my collection!

Thanks for sharing in Lauren's homecoming!

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