Sunday, February 27, 2011

The delivery of a reborn baby

I bet that title caught your attention! LOL
No, you aren't going to see any images here of the precious moments of delivering a human baby that should be kept private. (Why DO they do that one TV these days?!?!?!)

But you do get to see pictures of what I was privileged to do take Arianna to meet her new mommy.

Here I am waiting and the pre-selected place at the mall, cuddling Arianna one last time.

The funny story is, it appeared that the new Mommy and her husband were running late. My husband and I kept looking and watching all the people. I thought I remembered what she looked like after meeting her at a show 1 1/2 yrs ago, but I had no recollection of her husband. My husband thought he saw a woman meeting her description go into a close by-store. I walked over...passing a gentleman in hat who looked as if he were looking for someone. I was carrying Arianna in my arms. I made eye contact with him but he did not make a move towards me. He knew he was looking for a woman with a doll. I went over several times to the area where he was and finally, I decided to approach him to ask him if he were Mr. Mommy. As I approached, he called out my name. He stated that he had been looking for me but when he saw me passing by those few times, he thought I was carrying a real child so I was not who he was looking for!! I take that as a huge compliment :)

Here is "Mommy's" first look at her:

"She looks SO real!"

I did not know the birthdate of her real daughter but it turns out that Arianna was "born" on the same day as her daughter! How cool is that??

Arianna looks very happy with her new Mom. I am so pleased! What joy!

I love my job!

Off to work on another custom so I can do the same thing in a couple of weeks :)



  1. She is so adorable Debbie, You did a wonderful job on her.

  2. Oh how wonderful!! And Arianna looks fabulous! It is always so nice to see the reactions on people's faces! Love it!

  3. She is so adorable
    hugs Belinda