Monday, February 21, 2011

Action being taken against RDK and SIRK

I saw this post on Doll Fan regarding action being taken against RDK directly and SIRK indirectly. I understand this news has been posted on forums across the world.

If you care too, read through the post for some recent insight. Seems that Cindy/Emma are claiming to be sick as well as have family members sick or dying. I am not claiming they are not however, these are the same types of events that happened before when people were waiting for years to get either a refund, their kits or payment for sculpts sold to Cindy.

This is the basic content of that post with the contact information to take action. I personally do not have a grievance against Cindy/Emma except that she has violated my friends in the doll world. For that I am offended but I do not have a legal issue to contend with. If I did, I would be calling:

"Please call 402-593-2700. This is action news 3 in Omaha, NE. I have just gave them my story about Cindy Kohlscheen. My sister and I have been taken for over $800 from RDK. you can also e-mail them at

We are new reborners and didn't know any better. Please call no matter how old your story. Lets get her on T.V and stop what she is doing. Thank you. We have filed complaints with every agency that handles fraud, as well complaints. Please help us. If we band together maybe we can stop what she is doing."


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Action 3 News is Omaha Nebraska's source for local news, severe weather, and sports news. KMTV is the CBS affiliate for western Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and based is in Omaha.


Also in that post on Doll Fan is this needed information:

Iowa Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
1305 E. Walnut Street
Des Moines IA 50319
Fax: 515-281-6771

E-Mail Comments & Questions to:
(be sure to add your full name, mailing address, and telephone number) consumer

Iowa Attorney General
Crime Victim Assistance Division
321 E. 12th
Lucas Building, Ground Floor
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Fax: 515-281-8199

For questions or comments contact Mary Kay Bartine

For Nebraska there are forms you need to fill out so below is the link:



Let's spread the word and get her stopped!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this on your website!
    Becky and Bonnie
    Taken for over $800 from RDK