Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful, realistic reborn~Hilary

Did you see the prototype of Hilary by Cathy Rowland on eBay?
Selena Saxton reborned one of them and oh's gorgeous!

~Selena's Auction~

That particular prototype was supposed to be mine but Selena had an opening and Cathy Rowland took it. I told Cathy that was fine and I don't blame Cathy...Selena is in high demand. She did an outstanding job on this prototype. If I had the $$ I would bid on that baby!

All is not lost...yet. Cathy ordered another prototype for me but the head on that one was a real mess. She is working with the company right now to get another head but we are not holding our breath that one will actually arrive.

In other "News"....

I've been working most evenings rooting the custom Arianna head. I am to deliver her this coming Saturday so I better get with it these next few nights. I am about 1/2 way done.

In the day I am working on another custom order that has been on the custom order list since last summer. I had a frustrating day the other day neutralizing the vinyl. My customer wants a fair skin tone as this will be a little red head. The limbs are such an awful color! I am starting with pure white color coats. I hope today goes much better.

And we have 7 inches of new snow! I sure did not expect that this late in February. Wow.


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