Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Funnies! The horse riding adventure continues...

(the next day)

Well.....good morning boys!

I see we are bright eyed and bushy tailed! Be careful Michael! You are going to fall out! I know you are excited....

"I am weddy to wide Auntie Debbie!"

Matthew comes on scene:

"Holy Cow! When did you show up Cwousin Michael???? OH...dis tan't be dood!

The Michael's exclaim: "We's a going horse back widding!"

Matthew is exasperated now! "You tan't go horseback is still waring your pajamies! You is not a weel towboy wike me. I have a weel towboy hat!"

The Michaels exclaim, "You mite be weel towboy but you got no weel Hair! HA HA HA HA!"

"How does this wook has a horsie on it!"

Cousin Michael is in stitches!!! "OH my dosh look so siwwy! I tan't hewp but say...Dummy Dummy Ha Ha!"

"wewl, I don't see you detting dwessed! You is still in your pajamies! Look! hehehhe...I twook Maffew's cherished horsie."

"HA HA...we dot Maffew's horsie!"

"Michael, you wook wedicuwous! We is doing horse back widing, NOT swimming!"

"if you two is doing dan you need to be a widdle more mature dan this!
Now dive me my horsie back!"

"how's about did Maffew???"

"You not only wook wedicowous are wedicowous! You no weel towboy wike me!"

"How bout dis Maffew?"

"Me two Cwousing dot dwessed two!"

"Hey Giovanni...we did doing horse riding...are you doing?"

"Awe, Giovanni, wat is da madder"

"Mommy sez I tan't doo tause me still wecovering frwom the bad bunny bwite"

"Awe Giovanni, dat is jest so sad! Here I wiwl gib you my cherished horsie to keep you company wiwl we be gone."

"oh bwofer, I will tiss you so you not sad. You be dood, we wiwl be bwack in a widdle while. We lub you!"

(And off they go to get into the truck and head to the horse be continued...)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two babies complete!

Wonderful memories were made this week!
Mikayla created this beautiful Berenguer collectors doll called "First Day" into her own little baby that she named Kesley Marie.

Look at that sweet face and pretty color!

Allie created an adorable, happy little girl out of a Berenguer "Lot's to Cuddle" doll that she named Kaylee Rose.

I helped her with the bubbles on the mouth but look what a great job she did on the nails!

And I created my baby from a Berenguer collector doll called "Beautiful Embrace". I am unsure what I will name my baby at the moment. I thought I would name her Destany but when I put her together, I realized that she looks like my youngest grand daughter Abigail. I still have to set her eyes, apply her lashes and gloss her eyes, nose and mouth before she is fully finished.

Below are three happy ladies with three beautiful babies!

I want to mention that I did not do any of the paint work or hair rooting on the girls babies. I helped with the eyes and glossing. My husband was simply blown away by the work the girls did as their babies are amazing dolls now. I am pretty blown away too!

Tomorrow is "Friday Funnines"! Be sure to stop by for the continued story of the horse riding adventure.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh you beautiful babies!

As I receive comments about my nieces reboring and visit here from other area's where I have shared, I realized how I failed to mention how beautiful my sweet nieces are; both inside and out. I am very blessed to have such wonderful nieces to love! And I am VERY proud of them and the work they have done on their babies.

Both girls were able to get their dolls head rooted yesterday! They did a terrific job and Mikayla definitely had the swirl crown thing going on!

All the dolls have their hair sealed (I had to work on finishing my rooting last night), they all have magnets for pacifiers and hair bows and the girl's dolls have lashes and final glossing. I have yet to catch up on that part on my doll as I helped the girls with the eye lashes and glossing.

We are assembling the babies today and taking final pictures. :)

May your day be blessed!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teaching my nieces to reborn!

This week I am teaching my two nieces to reborn baby dolls using the LDC paints. This is Mikayla. She is 13 yrs old and has selected a Berenguer "First Day" to reborn as she likes the one in my collection. This is the "before" picture.

And this is Allie. She is 14 and chose an adorable Berenguer "Lot's to Love" baby to reborn.
This is her "Before" picture.

Mikayla is using a green wash to neutralize the very pink/red tone of her doll.

Allie is using a purple wash to neutralize the very orange tone of her doll.

Mikayla "tipping" her dolls nails.

Allie "tipping" her dolls nails.

We have finished the painting on our dolls!

I chose a Berenguer Collector doll. We are all reborning our dolls as I do my "Budget Babies" using MUCH less paint and rooting the hair very quickly. We start rooting hair today. :)

Maybe we will have some more pics for the blog tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Tuesday~HUGS~

Monday, July 27, 2009


Do you ever have those days when your brain just does not have anything to offer? I am having one of those days!

Continuing on with rooting......

The next most important aspect of acquiring a realistically rooted head is to use a very SMALL lock of hair when rooting. The smaller the lock, the less hairs that are poked into the head at a time. And again, this way will take a lot of time but time produces a life like head of baby hair.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buzzzzzzz.....the bees are.....blooming???

Oh that is no bee....or flower! It's Mindy! Mindy is a 7 inch one of a kind (OOAK) Polymer clay sculpt created by Sharon Robinson, The Baby Maker. I adore this little doll!

Mohair and rooting~

There are a zillion different artists and a zillion different ways to root hair but the biggest, most universal character of rooting a realistic doll head is that it takes time. Lot's of time.

The average head right now is taking me 15-20 hours to complete. This is more true on a finely rooted, sparse baby head. They seem to take longer as I am very careful that I do not over-root the head or create a pluggy look. And I have two of those great big Arianna heads to do back to back~Oh my! LOL

Of course, the type of mohair used will help determine just how long a head will take. As mentioned earlier, adult hair is easy to root (if it does not break due to being brittle) and will take less time than kid hair. Most of my babies are rooted with kid hair.


My two teenage nieces are here and today we will begin creating our "Budget Baby" reborn dolls. Budget babies are good quality reborn babies created just like my high end reborn babies except with much less paint, sometimes a manufactured body is used and usually the doll or kit is not one of the high end dolls or kits. All three of us have selected manufactured Berenguer dolls to reborn.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mohair Maddness!

With only a few moments to post today, I want to add a few things to my post about quality mohair from the other day.

I spoke about how adult mohair is usually dry and brittle but what I did not talk about is how mohair roots in the different stages.

Kid mohair does take longer to root but, the fibers are fine and flexible making the hair lay down on the head in a more natural way. As the hair gets older, the fiber it thicker and stiffer, making the hair stand up in the first 1/8 of an inch as it comes out of the head. Most yearling hair will root fairly flat but adult hair almost always stands up, making the dolls hair "poofy". Adult hair takes MUCH less time to root but one had to decide if they want the hair to look natural and lay down or if they want the poofed hair look.

I am off to Idaho to pick up two of my teenage nieces to spend the week. We are making dollies together!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

FRIDAY FUNNIES: We get to ride the horse! (part one~it's a long one!)

Let me introduce my lil cowboy...Matthew Ross:

"I am sure tired of riding this straw horse. Mommy says maybe some day me tan ride a big, REAL horse. I need two ride a big horse tause I is a BIG towboy!"

Brooke says, "Maffew, tan I ride on da big horse?"
"I don't know Brooke if you can ride da horse too. It is up to Mommy"

Sweet Pickles also wants to know if she can go...."Maffew....pweeeze?"

Michael shows up....."HOT DOG Maffew! Tan I do too????"

Matthew is obviously frustrated and says: "You aren't going to bring your cousin Michael are you?!?!?!?! And besides, you need to comb your hair and find a hat! You no towboy! You is gibbin me a headache!"

"YIPPPEEEEE! We's a going horse riding!"

"I have no idea WHAT I am going to wear!" Oh are such a girl!

Gianna wants to go so bad! "Big bwofer, tan I do too? I wanna see da big horse! Pweeze???"

"I donno Gianna, you is so widdle you mite det stepped on. Horse back ridin is for da big towboys wike me."

"Mommy sez if me gonna be a weel towboy, me's need to know how to clean the saddle and take care of da twack"

"Is dis da right way Mommy?"

"Mommy sez dat all dood towboys have a Border Collie doggie. I have one, SEE!"

(It is confirmed, Mommy says that some of the babies can go horseback riding.)

She put the babies to bed to get rested before the big day. But she hears a lot of rustling going on in the nursery. She sneaks in to take a peek. Oh my..double trouble!

OH LOOK! Cousin Michael has come for a visit!

These boys are happy to see each other and are riled up!

Alright Boys! It is time to go to sleep. We have a BIG day tomorrow!

There we go...suck your thumbs and you will be to sleep in no time

Ahhhhh...peace in the nursery~

(To be continued in the next issue of Friday Funnies)