Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh you beautiful babies!

As I receive comments about my nieces reboring and visit here from other area's where I have shared, I realized how I failed to mention how beautiful my sweet nieces are; both inside and out. I am very blessed to have such wonderful nieces to love! And I am VERY proud of them and the work they have done on their babies.

Both girls were able to get their dolls head rooted yesterday! They did a terrific job and Mikayla definitely had the swirl crown thing going on!

All the dolls have their hair sealed (I had to work on finishing my rooting last night), they all have magnets for pacifiers and hair bows and the girl's dolls have lashes and final glossing. I have yet to catch up on that part on my doll as I helped the girls with the eye lashes and glossing.

We are assembling the babies today and taking final pictures. :)

May your day be blessed!

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  1. Fabulous passing your art on to the next generation! Their babies are looking beautiful and it is wonderful to see their creative talent ~truli