Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teaching my nieces to reborn!

This week I am teaching my two nieces to reborn baby dolls using the LDC paints. This is Mikayla. She is 13 yrs old and has selected a Berenguer "First Day" to reborn as she likes the one in my collection. This is the "before" picture.

And this is Allie. She is 14 and chose an adorable Berenguer "Lot's to Love" baby to reborn.
This is her "Before" picture.

Mikayla is using a green wash to neutralize the very pink/red tone of her doll.

Allie is using a purple wash to neutralize the very orange tone of her doll.

Mikayla "tipping" her dolls nails.

Allie "tipping" her dolls nails.

We have finished the painting on our dolls!

I chose a Berenguer Collector doll. We are all reborning our dolls as I do my "Budget Babies" using MUCH less paint and rooting the hair very quickly. We start rooting hair today. :)

Maybe we will have some more pics for the blog tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Tuesday~HUGS~

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