Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mohair Maddness!

With only a few moments to post today, I want to add a few things to my post about quality mohair from the other day.

I spoke about how adult mohair is usually dry and brittle but what I did not talk about is how mohair roots in the different stages.

Kid mohair does take longer to root but, the fibers are fine and flexible making the hair lay down on the head in a more natural way. As the hair gets older, the fiber it thicker and stiffer, making the hair stand up in the first 1/8 of an inch as it comes out of the head. Most yearling hair will root fairly flat but adult hair almost always stands up, making the dolls hair "poofy". Adult hair takes MUCH less time to root but one had to decide if they want the hair to look natural and lay down or if they want the poofed hair look.

I am off to Idaho to pick up two of my teenage nieces to spend the week. We are making dollies together!

Happy Saturday!

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