Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two babies complete!

Wonderful memories were made this week!
Mikayla created this beautiful Berenguer collectors doll called "First Day" into her own little baby that she named Kesley Marie.

Look at that sweet face and pretty color!

Allie created an adorable, happy little girl out of a Berenguer "Lot's to Cuddle" doll that she named Kaylee Rose.

I helped her with the bubbles on the mouth but look what a great job she did on the nails!

And I created my baby from a Berenguer collector doll called "Beautiful Embrace". I am unsure what I will name my baby at the moment. I thought I would name her Destany but when I put her together, I realized that she looks like my youngest grand daughter Abigail. I still have to set her eyes, apply her lashes and gloss her eyes, nose and mouth before she is fully finished.

Below are three happy ladies with three beautiful babies!

I want to mention that I did not do any of the paint work or hair rooting on the girls babies. I helped with the eyes and glossing. My husband was simply blown away by the work the girls did as their babies are amazing dolls now. I am pretty blown away too!

Tomorrow is "Friday Funnines"! Be sure to stop by for the continued story of the horse riding adventure.

Have a good day!

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  1. Wow some beautiful babies there, the girls have done so well.
    Have a fun day!