Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buzzzzzzz.....the bees are.....blooming???

Oh that is no bee....or flower! It's Mindy! Mindy is a 7 inch one of a kind (OOAK) Polymer clay sculpt created by Sharon Robinson, The Baby Maker. I adore this little doll!

Mohair and rooting~

There are a zillion different artists and a zillion different ways to root hair but the biggest, most universal character of rooting a realistic doll head is that it takes time. Lot's of time.

The average head right now is taking me 15-20 hours to complete. This is more true on a finely rooted, sparse baby head. They seem to take longer as I am very careful that I do not over-root the head or create a pluggy look. And I have two of those great big Arianna heads to do back to back~Oh my! LOL

Of course, the type of mohair used will help determine just how long a head will take. As mentioned earlier, adult hair is easy to root (if it does not break due to being brittle) and will take less time than kid hair. Most of my babies are rooted with kid hair.


My two teenage nieces are here and today we will begin creating our "Budget Baby" reborn dolls. Budget babies are good quality reborn babies created just like my high end reborn babies except with much less paint, sometimes a manufactured body is used and usually the doll or kit is not one of the high end dolls or kits. All three of us have selected manufactured Berenguer dolls to reborn.

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