Friday, July 24, 2009

FRIDAY FUNNIES: We get to ride the horse! (part one~it's a long one!)

Let me introduce my lil cowboy...Matthew Ross:

"I am sure tired of riding this straw horse. Mommy says maybe some day me tan ride a big, REAL horse. I need two ride a big horse tause I is a BIG towboy!"

Brooke says, "Maffew, tan I ride on da big horse?"
"I don't know Brooke if you can ride da horse too. It is up to Mommy"

Sweet Pickles also wants to know if she can go...."Maffew....pweeeze?"

Michael shows up....."HOT DOG Maffew! Tan I do too????"

Matthew is obviously frustrated and says: "You aren't going to bring your cousin Michael are you?!?!?!?! And besides, you need to comb your hair and find a hat! You no towboy! You is gibbin me a headache!"

"YIPPPEEEEE! We's a going horse riding!"

"I have no idea WHAT I am going to wear!" Oh are such a girl!

Gianna wants to go so bad! "Big bwofer, tan I do too? I wanna see da big horse! Pweeze???"

"I donno Gianna, you is so widdle you mite det stepped on. Horse back ridin is for da big towboys wike me."

"Mommy sez if me gonna be a weel towboy, me's need to know how to clean the saddle and take care of da twack"

"Is dis da right way Mommy?"

"Mommy sez dat all dood towboys have a Border Collie doggie. I have one, SEE!"

(It is confirmed, Mommy says that some of the babies can go horseback riding.)

She put the babies to bed to get rested before the big day. But she hears a lot of rustling going on in the nursery. She sneaks in to take a peek. Oh my..double trouble!

OH LOOK! Cousin Michael has come for a visit!

These boys are happy to see each other and are riled up!

Alright Boys! It is time to go to sleep. We have a BIG day tomorrow!

There we go...suck your thumbs and you will be to sleep in no time

Ahhhhh...peace in the nursery~

(To be continued in the next issue of Friday Funnies)


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