Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Good Day everyone!

I am tempted to show quick pictures of the new baby "Jason" who finally has his hair and rooted eye lashes~but...I will just keep you in suspense until I finish his glossing and assembly. He is IDEX baby #7.

And I am SOOOOOO excited about what I am working on now but I can't tell you anything about this one at all as it is for the IDEX/Tiny Treasures Reborn Contest and they request that the doll not be advertised before the contest. I can tell you this though....this one is turning out awesome! :)

I have just 21 days until I have to ship these babies to Orlando, 28 days until I arrive in Orlando and just 30 days until I teach my all day painting class! I may not be able to get to IDEX baby #9. We will see.

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