Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Funnies turned Friday Cuties

It's so close to Christmas now that I will hold off on picture stories until after Christmas. Instead, today I will post pictures of my wonderful Laura Tuzio Ross solid silicone dolls all dressed up for Christmas.

Giovanni is dressed in a "Baby Grand" velour sleeper with a matching bib. This set has a hat too but I forgot to put it on him...besides, he has amazing hair so why cover it? The outfit was sent to me by a "Secret Santa Sister" on my guild. It's just adorable!

Carrie Lynn is dressed in a Baby Grand cotton body suit with matching corduroy lolly pop dress. I bought this dress on clearance after Christmas last year and have been so excited all year to put it on her. I believe I bought it in Orlando after IDEX.

Awe.....I just love my babies!

Just one week until Christmas!


  1. Cutest sleeper ever! I'm in a reindeer phase... =)

  2. A reindeer phase huh? Well, when you give us a baby boy, you can borrow it for his first Christmas~as long as he won't poop or puke on it! LOL Maybe we better just buy him his own :)