Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spit Bubble Tutorial updated with pictures

Spit bubbles are the hottest thing on the market right now~giggle giggle~and not quite so easy to make!

My favorite way to make them is to shake up a FRESH bottle of Alene's Paper Glaze (found at Michael's or online), untwist and remove the cap and let it rest elevated. Bubbles will form inside the cap. (for the sake of photography, I shook the bottle, poured some in a dish and used my syringe to create more bubbles)

I dampen a small, flat paintbrush and insert it under a bubble that I choose for the specific place in the dolls mouth. I gently scoop up the bubble and gently slide the paint brush to the selected area of placement. Using a toothpick, I help the bubble off every so gently. The most I put on at a time are two bigger bubbles or a brush full of teeny bubbles. Rinse the paint brush often in hot water and damp dry on a lint free cloth. Keep applying bubbles until you are happy with the results. Let the head rest in an undisturbed place free of movement and wind. Make sure the head is angled so that the bubbles won't slide where you don't want them. Let this dry for the remainder of the day or night. Replace any bubbles that popped (does not happen often to me at all) or add more bubbles if needed when drying is complete.

The second way to do bubbles is with an insulin syringe. Using a small, damp brush, apply some Alene's Paper Glaze into the selected area of the mouth of the doll. VERY slowly and gently, inject air into the glaze forming bubbles. When you have achieved the amount of bubbles you desire, allow them to dry as listed above. Keep the syringe cleaned off in hot water and a lint free cloth.

I have just begun using the syringe method and I need more practice and skill. If anyone has any great ideas to add to this method~or any others, please post a comment and help us all out. :)

I am offering a free 31 gauge syringe with the purchase of mohair from my ArtFire store~link is at the bottom of the blog.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. whoa, that's amazing. i love this blog. very informative and educating. thanks for the hard workl