Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is almost here!

Can you believe that??? Wow how time flies! I will be taking a blog break for a few days to enjoy the holiday with my wonderful husband. NOT that I don't enjoy blogging but there won't be anything to report from the nursery.

Today I should finish the paint on IDEX baby #8 and I will work on the hair of IDEX baby #7 tonight. There is only a max of 28 days before I have to ship these babies to Orlando for IDEX! And that is counting the Christmas and New Years holiday! That builds just a wee bit of anxiety in me~eeek!

Every year, I love to dress up our animals and snap some shots. In 2007, our horses gave us the ultimate show of personality and I just have not been able to top that! Toby, our then 24 year old and Scout, then 2 yrs old played Santa and his elf. These pictures capture their personalities to a T! Scout is young and full of beans and Toby is older and really, REALLY laid back. This was a hilarious time for us~I hope you enjoy it too!

I ditto what Toby says.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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