Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's good to be back~lot's of things happening!

Welcome back to the blog! (I say that to me too!) The break was great but oh how I missed it and TNGUN happenings carried on.

First on the Agenda is that I had time to play with my own dolls over Christmas. I enjoy doing that when none of our family can come home and we aren't able to go anywhere.

I changed outfits on many of them and wrote a little picture story! (you see, I have been using my archived stories as I simply have not had time to write any new ones in 2009. Most of you have not seen the archived ones anyway so it has worked well).

I will post that picture story on Friday~New Years Day! Wow...where DID 2009 go?


During my last day at work last week, I prepared for a "painted eyelash" tutorial. I will post that tomorrow.


I was able to root on IDEX baby #7 (Jason) last night and might be able to finish him up tonight. I THOUGHT I could finish him the other day but then realized I was not happy with his bang line and crown so I spent hours just working on those.


And the most exciting thing is that Marita Winters second kit prototype is due to her by the end of the next week! That means that I will have him in my hands the following week~Yipppeeee!

Here is the link that announces the "birth" of Wee Yawns and how to pre order the kit.

~See Wee Yawns and Order here~

I will be taking new pictures of Marita's Sweet Stuff and re listing her. Maybe she will be my first offering of 2010 :)

I did not get the studio lights for Christmas (My DH gave me a pair of wonderful and much wanted cowgirl boots instead) so I will need to wait for good lighting and might have to re-take her pics over several days.


Alright. Those are the updates for the nursery for today. God bless you all today!


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