Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taking some days off

THIS has nothing to do with our "secrets"~just something fun that we are doing.

I am working today (rooting LuLu~great guesses ladies!!!), but I'm adding to my normal days off and taking Sunday off as well.  

Hubby and I, along with horse clinician ~CLINTON ANDERSON~
are enroute to Nampa, Idaho.

Clinton will arrive today, we will arrive on Friday for his Tour Saturday and Sunday.

We need this rest....

Two nights in a hotel...
Meals out...

And some of the best horse training tips and techniques in the industry.

We are not new goers to the Clinton Anderson Tours, I think this is my 5th tour and hubby's 7th.

Oh...and Matthew's 5th!

Here he is from his very first tour:
Holding onto Daddy's arm because he was SO excited!
(This was before I reborned the little Cowboy.)
 Watching with glee as Clinton began the tour with a young, untrained horse.
 And the THRILL of his life...sitting on Clinton's own, very special horse, Mindy...with Clinton Anderson himself.
Mindy is retired now so she does not go on tour with Clinton.  Clinton's horse, Diez, will be in Nampa.  

I wonder if Matthew will sit on Diez??

He has a brand new shirt for the event!  :)

See you next week!

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