Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Funnies on Saturday~ "I want TOBY!!!"

Every year I go to what some girlfriends and I call "Cowgirl Camp~The Cowgirl Convention" where it is just we girls and our horses.

There are three rules at Cowgirl Camp:

No men, no dogs and no kids  :)

We DO make one exception to the rule, and that is that Matthew the Little Cowboy gets to come along.

The week prior to camp, Matthew was just a little pill!
He was crabby and rebellious.
He didn't even want to get into this cowboy clothes but wanted to stay in his Harley gear.

All the way up to camp, he screamed "I WANT TOBYEeeeeeeeeee" in the back seat of the pickup truck.  Oh my ears!!!  He just about exhausted himself!

You see, this year was the first year that HIS horse, Toby was retired and no longer going to Cowgirl Camp.  He was not adjusting well to the thought of riding a new horse.

 He did finally allow me to change him when the evening got cool.  He let me put his favorite cowboy pj's on, but he still just wanted to laze around and cuddle with his wild mustang the next morning.

I asked him the next day if he would like to ride Ruger, the new horse.  
He said, "NO!  I jest wanta be here wif my sticky horse!  I hasn't ebben got to wide Toby wif the new saddal pad I buyded him for hims birfday!"
Finally, I decided it was time to attempt to get him to ride Ruger.  I knew he would like it once he tried.
Oh my goodness, the shrieks that came from that boy as I lifted him up to Ruger's back!

(The Friday post is late because of THIS picture.  I tried everything I knew how to get it to load and it simply would not load!  I ended up copying and pasting it and the clarity is not there but the picture showed the way Matthew fought as I raised him up)

Poor baby.  He flung himself onto my shoulder trying to get as far away from Ruger as he could.  I think he hurt Ruger's feelings!

Ruger looked perplexed and well, frustrated because of the child's screams!

After Matthew calmed down some, I allowed him to spend a little time with Ruger so that they could get to know each other better. 

Both horse and baby found each other to be "okay".  Matthew started to warm up to Ruger.
 But...he was not ready to ride him.
He still wanted Toby!

I decided not to press the issue and made a mental note in my To Do list that as soon as we arrived back home, Matthew NEEDED to ride Toby with Toby's new saddle pad that Matthew bought him for his birthday in January.

With the help of my granddaughter, Jenalyne, Matthew got to ride  :)
 Matthew thought that the saddle pad looked pretty nifty and he was a happy, HAPPY boy!
THEN he said he was ready to ride Ruger!

So we saddled up Ruger and Matthew took his first ride on him.

 "Whoah!!!  Ruger is berry tawl but hims has a nice walk!!!"

 "And hims stops on a dime!  I jest about went obber his head!"


I think Matthew will be just fine riding Toby in the pasture now that Toby is retired and taking Ruger for a ride at next years Cowgirl Camp...where he is the only child allowed  :)

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