Monday, September 8, 2014

LuLu is ready for matte

I am running a bit behind on this big fella but when my workdays ended last Wednesday, he was ready for matte.

Remember, I am doing this prototype baby with 100% air dry products from the 
Special Care Nursery line.

I grabbed a few pictures yesterday before I matted him.

His hands, feet and eye brows ended up being the shiniest (which is normal with any paints~except for the eyebrows.  The air dry thick medium used for them just does that.)

I will finish the processing on his hair today allowing his matte to cure one more day then start rooting tomorrow.

Any guesses on what color his hair will be?



  1. I would guess with his light complexion either red or light blonde?

  2. I think he'd be a gorgeous strawberry blonde!