Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Please welcome the finished LuLu!

LuLu is one of the prototypes for Kellie Beckett's new kit.
The name is derived from the fact that this baby can be a boy:  Louis, or a girl: Louise.

The kit is being produced by Rhonda Scott in Australia.  
I am getting the information for her website as well as international dealers and will post when I have that information.

I find LuLu to be DARLING and oh, what a spit-fire he is!  
The auction will have a teeny story in it...


  1. Do you know who the dealers are yet? :)

    1. Gosh, the only dealer I know of that will be carrying it as they produced the kit is:
      Tiny Tots Nursery in Australia, but they have not yet even put LuLu up on the site yet.
      I know that another prototype is on eBay now. This poor baby took a while to get going!
      Thanks for reminding me to follow up on this!