Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Secret #1 is released!

Norm the Mustang has come home to live with


We are so super excited about this as many of you will remember, we helped with his training/handling before the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition. 

We loved him but felt that we needed to let fate play it's part in his life.

He was adopted by a kind lady who loved him and gave him a good home.  She just didn't have the time to train him and work with him like she had hoped to and thought best for Norm to get what he deserved.  

She let us know that he was available and she only wanted him to come to live with us.

So...he did!

And then...there were FOUR!

 Norm and Ruger hit it off right away and are best pals.

We are so very happy with our new addition!

More secrets to come later....

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