Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Hello, my name is Debbie Henshaw and I am.....

.....a silicone addict!"

I just cannot express how very much I love painting silicone dolls!

I especially love it this week since I had the wonderful idea of adding a shield of plastic wrap around my drying rack to keep random dust, hairs and fuzz from flying onto the drying parts.

  Now, why didn't I think of this 16 silicone dolls ago???

At night, I bring down a flap over the "front" to help prevent night time dust from finding it's way into the parts.

This has made my life so much more pleasant!
You THINK your studio is clean until you bring out a silicone doll kit and suddenly, it becomes very, very dirty! 

Here are the work in progress pictures from the two silicone dolls I am contentedly working on now:

Precious by Lilianne Breedveld for eBay:

And Jaylee by Brit Klinger as a custom order.
Pardon the craft stick in this mouth.  I had just added color to his lips.  The stick keeps the lips from curing together.

I cannot wait to get back into the nursery today!

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