Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sauder Village Doll show pictures...from the first of August!

It's about time eh??  

It doesn't look like much to transport but my luggage was full and right up to weight limit...2 bags worth!

But then again, I also had to take class supplies for the class I did.

The babies:
LyLy Rose~adopted at the show:

Kimmy~Still available:

Sebastian~Still available:

Elijah prototype~Adopted at the show:

Jaylen~Adopted at the Portland show:

Tristan, my class baby~Adopted after he was finished:

Prescilla~Adopted at the Portland show:


And of course I had my DVD available and running on my computer:

I love purple/lavender tones and butterflies!

I sold a fair amount of mohair at this show  :)

Here are the FUN pictures!  
This is my friend JaNan...what a nut!  
Just love her!!!

My dear friend, Laura Tuzio Ross was down the row from me.
Her booth was PACKED all day! 

This beautiful lady LOVED Elijah but was unable to adopt him.
I enjoyed visiting her and allowing her to cuddle him.

My other sweet friend, Jullie Malloy.  
She's always such fun!!!

Elijah and his new mommy, Phyllis.  :)  
He reminds her of the newborn boy that she fostered until he was 3 years old.  
I love stories like these.  

My darling sister, Lorraine, and her new adoption, LyLy Rose  :)

She was completely smitten with this baby!

The color and clarity in these next pictures are terrible but I'll share them anyway so that you can feel like you were there.
I had the amazing privilege of being the guest speaker at Saturday night's Banquet.
I presented a topic that I titled, "Dolls make us do funny things!"

Here I am after the presentation with my beloved doll, Giovanni, made by Laura Tuzio Ross in 2007.  
HE has made me do funny things!

The lovely and charming Sue Link, Sauder Village Doll Show Staff:

Laura Tuzio Ross, Giovanni and I after the presentation.

Laura's Alajandro silicone doll.  This one has a cloth body but I held not only this one but one of the Alajandro's in full body silicone....love!

It is always a PURE DELIGHT when I get to see any of my babies years down the road. 
This is Noah.  I made him from a Berenguer doll way back in 2007.  He came to see me!!!!
He is very spoiled and loved by his mommy and daddy.

I FINALLY got to meet Sheila Rand!
She brought one of her reborns which I also got to hold and admire.
What a true pleasure and a great gal she is!

These three little beauties were all dressed up for the Young Collector's event, 
Fancy Nancy and You.  
Aren't they pretty and fancy??

I made one purchase at the show...this precious push cart/carriage for my JD Kestner 1910 antique doll:


After my sister and I left Sauder Village, she treated me to some WILD TIMES at 

Now, I do not really like roller coasters and I cannot believe that I rode this one right off the bat.  
She has a sentimental reason for riding it so I went along with her.

 It was crazy and the longest 2;40 minutes of my life!  
I screamed and kept my eyes CLOSED!  LOL

You can watch a video of the ride in the posted link above.

Here is a fun picture comparison of me and her on the Gatekeeper and she and my brother on the Maverick ride.
She is having a blast while both my brother and I look pretty similar...eyes closed!  Hahaha

She rented this darling little cabin right there at the park so that we could enjoy the day into the night and not have to travel anywhere.

From our cabin, we could see these rides running:
The Maverick roller coaster and a giant bungie, chair flinging ride thing.
It was NUTS!  (I did not go on it!  The thing flung you in a chair/seat thing to far above the poles that you see there.  CRAZY!!)

I believe this roller coaster is the Blue Streak.
It is an original wooden coaster, so nostalgic.  
I rode one of these in another park in Ohio when I was a young child.

Sauder Village was wonderful, as always.  
Many new faces to the show, familiar faces to me, attended this year.  
They all had a wonderful time and recommend this show to everyone!

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