Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doll Dreams LDC paints

For the last couple of years I feared this would happen....

Doll Dreams is no longer carrying their own LDC paints.  :(

The message that came out stated that their dealer, 

will still carry the LDC paints.

Now, that said, it doesn't appear that they label them as LDC paints.

I can only assume that on the link above, they are the 
"acrylic air dry paints".


This is just too bad.

Doll Dreams sister company,

in Germany continues to carry the LDC line.  They are packaged a bit different but are labeled LDC.

I LOVE the Lotion Cleaner/Colour Remover and am happy to see it available in the Germany store.

So, there we go.  

Carry on good people, carry on!

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