Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog topics

With my schedule changing back to 5 days a week (same amount of hours that I work each week, just shorter days and one more of them), I would like to receive some questions or topic suggestions to blog about.  

I usually don't run out of content but I thought this would be fun since I'll be posting 5 days a week now instead of 4 (plus my special Friday Funnies or Sharing my Collection Friday posts).  

So there you go friends!  The challenge is on.  Send me comments of questions/topics and I'll make a list and post about them as I come to them.

I can't wait to hear your questions and suggestions!



  1. I'd like to see more about how you're painting hair now.

  2. I've got that down on the list Matty! Thanks for the suggestion~it's a great one!