Monday, October 29, 2012

Artist evaluation of a new Air Dry Paint

Before I get started on the day one evaluation of the Art and Magic of Reborns Air Dry Paints, 
I first want to share the link to Trinitee's website page as he has had his photo shoot.

Trevor will be going to a lucky mom from my reborn mailing list.
Two gals are going to be doing a "silent auction" of sorts in order to bring him home.  That "auction" will end tomorrow morning at 10 am.
To be put on the list for notification of future babies, please email me at

I will summon day one up as a success even though I didn't make much progress on my doll
Ashleigh by Olivia Stone.

For this baby, I am going to do my best just to use the pre-blended colors and not make up my own colors.   I did cheat a little by blending together the crease color and the lip/blush color to create what I call a Newborn Flush color~a techinque and color that I developed.

I also did not coat this baby with any Genesis products.  I really want to test these paints without added helps. 

I find the paints easy to work with and forgiving.
They are matte (so far) and velvety soft.  

I found it best to layer the lip color, crease color and Intermediate purple wash color for the lips.  
I think that combination is very pretty!
(Baby will have better newborn eyes~these are all I had in stock in her size)
Today I will continue to build on her visual texture and tone, start on her creases and folds and work on the ends of her fingers and toes.

Many will want to know if her color changed/faded during the night.
No, it did not  :)  

I find that the pigments are similar to LDC paints.  Because these paints are pre-mixed, it is difficult to know for sure if they are the same strength, but either way, they are easy to use.

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