Monday, August 13, 2012

Sauder Village in review

Well that is not a good way to start my day!  I had began this post, got stuck trying to move a picture around and lost the entire post!  Let me try this again!

I had managed to put up some posts on Doll Fan before I traveled to North Central Idaho to pick up my oldest grand girl.  Due to major lack of time and many things on my plate, I think it will be best to share the links for some of those posts and then share my show story here on the blog.  Enjoy reading the reports below:

The show was held in Founder's Hall, a lovely room graced with a large chandelier:
The empty show floor:
I was lucky enough to get a corner for my two tables.  
Before set up:

And after.  I was able to fit my entire show in my checked luggage!

The lighting was much better on this show floor than the last.
Here are close ups of the babies:


Gus~his tiny presence was the hit of the show!  Everyone loved him!
 It melts my heart completely when the little girls want to feed and hold my babies.  They were all drawn to Gus:

Temperance.  Everyone thought her painted hair was amazing:
Stock Create A Babies in one of Dizon Design's bags:
And the Create a Babies...Created!
Both of the girls, Keaton and Gabrielle, were adopted out:
This time, I kept the show table active by changing it up when a baby or item was sold.
I find this helps customer see things they did not see on their first trip around the show floor.  If you've been to shows before, you know it's common to make a few passes before making a decision on a doll/items.  This is my practice as well and I always appreciate a change in the booth to help me see things I might have missed.

The show floor looked great after everyone got it set up:
And there were lot's of different babies and things to choose from.  Here are some of my favorite babies:

Reborns made by Linda and Michelle:

 Isn't she great??
Melissa McCrory babies:

 This is Sugar....
 I liked her so much that I adopted her!
She is my first full-bodied silicone baby.
Julie Malloy's booth was AWESOME!

A little Ashton Drake cutie:
Beverly Stoehr's dolls.  She was the guest speaker for the show:

Oh how I wish I had an entire house just for play!  LOOK!
I thought the show was great and I had a really good time!
I'll be back next year for sure. 

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