Monday, November 23, 2009

Inserting Eyes and paci magnets Tutorial

This tutorial is for insertion of eyes from inside the head which is how I choose to insert my eyes. Start by first using an Exact o knife. Cut the eye socket from the bottom of the socket to just above the half way mark. This will create a flap to allow you access to the eye socket and also to help hold the new eye in. Eyes can be inserted before or after rooting. Always wait to attach eye lashes until your dolls head is rooted.

Gather the needed supplies:
Felt or fabric in your choice of color
Scissors to cut the felt
E6000 glue
Vinyl gloves~at least 3 of them
Small blanket to help hold the head
Small awl (not shown~Oops)

I use a receiving blanket rolled up on both ends as a help in my lap to keep the head from rolling.
With the dolls head in my lap, I use a small awl to push the socket flap out of the way as I prepare to insert the eye.

With the new eye on the middle finger, (or whichever finger works best for you) insert the eye into the head.
Once the eye is inserted into the socket a little bit, remove the awl to prevent scratching the eye.

Basically adjust the eye and insert the second eye.

There is too much gap between the eye and the flap of the socket for me to get the adjustment on this particular sculpt so I add a small pom-pom (found at craft stores) behind the eye. This will make the eye more secure and allow me to adjust it as desired.

Once the eyes are inserted, you can adjust them to whichever way you want them to focus.

When satisfied with the adjustment of the eyes, place a large amount of E6000 glue on a triple gloved finger.
Place the glue around the cut of the eye socket, lifting the flap slightly while being careful not to upset the pom pom or the adjustment of the eye. Repeat for the second eye and also add glue to the bridge of the nose and the lips/chin area. This is where you will glue in your felt.

Adjust the eyes as desired and remove one glove and throw it away.

Cut a triangle of felt or cloth.

Insert the triangle upside down with the large end covering the eye sockets and the small end covering the back side of the lips and chin.

Really bad picture! Sorry! But I think you can see that the felt grabs onto the eye socket and covers the nose opening and down to the chin.

Place a large dollop of glue into the lip area where the magnet will go for the magnetic pacifier.
Remove the glove. (I should have had 3 gloves on but did not~you will see why I should in a moment and I had to put another one on)

If you have a magnetic paci all made up, use it, or just use a magnet and place it over the lips to help guide the magnet you will insert to the correct place.

Holding the paci or magnet in place, flip the head face down and place a magnet inside. It will attach to the magnet on the outside. Using a gloved finger, move the inside magnet around until you are satisfied with the placement. Check your eye covering and eye setting to make sure you did not move them during the process.

I was not really happy with how that pacifier fit this doll so I will use just a magnet to hold the inside magnet in place while the glue dries.

After a final check of magnet and eyes, lay the head face down without putting pressure on the eyes or the magnet. Use a rolled up cloth to buffer the chin and forehead to keep the pressure off.

Allow the glues to dry for a few hours before moving the doll head. However, you can check to make sure things did not move and make adjustments accordingly.
E6000 glue will dry smell free in about 24 hours.

Good luck!

Tomorrow I will show off my new baby boy~and then I will be on vacation :)


  1. So you put the magnet on the outside of the felt? I only ask because one of may dolls that I adopted years ago has the magnet inside the felt. My other three don't have felt, so the magnet is also glued directly on the vinyl. Is this ok?

    Thank you for granting my wish, Debbie! Excellent post! :)

  2. Yes, I do anyway. Sometimes if the magnet is moving around too much, I will place another piece of felt over the top of it to help keep it in place until the glue dries. The only problem with placing the magnet directly on the vinyl is that sometimes you can see it through the vinyl. I have had this problem with hair bow magnets.