Thursday, November 19, 2009

Changing my Christmas Wish List to lights!

Aren't they wonderful??? And they just might be the solution to my problem!

I was a bit perplexed about my camera issue and taking pictures of Lakita Marie as just a few weeks ago, I took this great picture of my beautiful grand daughter with the very same camera.

So, I have changed my wish list to this set of lights~and if that does not work then I will set out for a new camera. Shopping for lights is MUCH easier than shopping for a new camera!

So let's talk about lights and the reborn doll.

It used to be considered taboo to use lights during the photography of a reborn doll~and according to the auctions I see, it probably still is as the auctions state that "natural lighting" is used, but *I* don't believe that it is a wrong thing to do.

I would rather use lights and capture the true color of the reborn doll than to claim to not use them, and have my doll's color washed out and/or have the tone off, which is exactly what happens every time I attempt to use "natural light". I thing the natural light here in the north west is pretty intense and harsh.

~Nursery Notes~

Baby #5, a black baby boy, has about half of his hair. I intend to stay up late tonight in hopes to finish it. I am excited about him!

I will be finishing two babies paint today~they are both Asian. I am excited about that too!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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